Resource Pages

Each resource page focuses on a particular world history topic. These pages are not intended to be comprehensive, but instead feature a limited and curated selection of resources that will help to decolonize world history courses. Please feel free to contact me with recommended resources.

Decolonizing the Classroom – a collection of mostly articles related to the broader educational pedagogy of decolonization.

Beyond the Trenches: Globalizing the Great War – resources related to the First World War

Listening to History: History Podcasts – my preferred history related podcasts

Beyond Europe’s Cold Winters: Globalizing the Little Ice Age РResources related to the Little Ice Age, but with a focus on regions beyond Europe.

Atlantic Revolutions – Resources focused more on the Haitian and Latin American Revolutions

Writing About Slavery? Teaching About Slavery? – A community-sourced guide to the language we can adopt when teaching and writing about slavery.

The Anthropocene – Coming soon

New Imperialism, Anticolonialism, and Decolonization – Coming soon

The Cold War – Coming soon

The First Global Economy – Coming soon