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400 Years Workshop Resources

400 Years Workshop Resources
Jamaica currency featuring Nanny of the Maroons and Samuel Sharpe. Source: Bank Note World.

You can find links to all the resources I included in the "400 Years: Teaching the Brutality, Resistance to, and Legacy of the Transatlantic Slave System in World History" workshop on 10 October 2023. The materials are organized by slide titles.

All members of Liberating Narratives can participate in the live workshop. Members with a paid subscription have access to the resources.

Recording of the Workshop

Unfortunately, I messed up the recording process (it's been a while since I had to record a Zoom presentation, sorry).

Previously published lesson on teaching revolts by enslaved Africans

Embracing Failure Learning

Mistakes Made

Providing Historical Context

Guiding Principles

How Enslaved Africans Responded

Connecting the Past to the Present